What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method of educating, attracting and engaging buyers to your overall brand experience. This engagement is achieved through the use of relevant content via things like blogs, videos, e-books, podcasts, landing pages etc. Inbound marketing is the most popular and most successful marketing method available today.

Why is Inbound Marketing so successful?

We live in a world where an abundance of readily available information is literally at our fingertips. This gives consumers access to more information on products and services than ever before. They can access pricing, availability, location and customer reviews for just about any business, with just a few clicks, taps and scrolls.

Inbound marketing is so successful because it’s not a ‘one-off’ marketing campaign. Creating content like blogs and videos especially, become ageless in the sense that they won’t go ‘out of fashion’, at least not anytime soon. Inbound marketing is a more organic form of advertising compared to your traditional marketing techniques. With the right content, the consumer will come to you, not the other way around. Inbound marketing focuses on earning the attention of consumers, not pushing or begging for it. It is a more natural, organic way of inviting shoppers to your brand. In short, Inbound marketing is cheaper, provides a better ROI and creates a better sense of brand awareness.

How does Inbound Marketing differ from Outbound marketing?

Traditional marketing or outbound marketing can be seen as interrupting potential customers to convince them to do business with you. Interrupting your day with a cold call or a spam email, interrupting your song on the radio with an ad, interrupting your drive with a huge billboard. It’s a fairly ‘in your face’ type of marketing. It is also very one-way marketing. There is no opportunity for the consumer to interact with this form of marketing. The decline in Outbound marketing comes from a huge shift in consumer behaviour. The consumer has access to more information and product knowledge before purchasing than ever before, making the consumer in control of the purchasing situation. With outbound marketing, the company is in control.

Research has shown that people are watching less tv and skipping through ads, blocking pop-up internet ads before they even appear, not bothering to open direct mail and spending more time on digital music like Spotify, rather than listing to the radio. Technology is playing a huge role in phasing out the need for outbound marketing. As marketing depends heavily on technology, it is only natural that marketing techniques evolve parallel to its advances. Inbound marketing is the far more beneficial, results-driven marketing choice available right now.

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