The Art of Pinterest

Why isn’t everyone on Pinterest?
Arguably the greatest question of 2018. With monthly user count exceeding 150 Million, it’s easy to see that Pinterest is fast becoming a leading search engine platform. With its platform for discovery, partnered with the vast array of opportunities to showcase your products and services in a most creative and captivating way, Pinterest is the perfect platform for the skilfully discerning and savvy marketers.
So that begs the question, why isn’t everyone using Pinterest?
Pinterest is often mistaken for a social media platform in which DIY artists, wedding planners, food fanatics and mommy bloggers can share their stories and ideas. It is rarely noticed as what it indeed is, a search engine! With more than 2 billion monthly searches Pinterest opens the doors to a new and exciting search engine optimisation tool.


How to set yourself up for Pinterest success?

1. Ensure your profile is optimised with a business account.

With a free business, profile activated you will have access to the handy features that Pinterest have created including, analytics and rich pins. Although Pinterest has stated there are not many differences between the two profiles, the mere existence of the business profile indicates there are feature upgrades to look forward to.

2. Optimising your boards and pins.

Pinterest boards are much like the content on your website; you will want to make a keyword rich description while keeping in mind what it is your potential clients will be searching for. The description for your pins should be unique and interesting, you want to captivate your clients, or your re-pins are going to be scarce. Ensure the image you pin is attention-grabbing and of good quality, there is nothing worse than a blurry or unfocused picture when it comes to the Pinterest standards.

3. Research, research, research!

The key to all SEO and marketing success is understanding your audience and creating your strategy around that understanding. Taking the time to put yourself in the searcher’s shoes will always give you the most significant insight into how people are searching for your products. Conducting this research will provide you with indications of what keywords you should be using, what products are in demand, and how to advertise your products or services.

4. Set up Rich Pins.

Rich pins are a Godsend for any marketer using Pinterest! Similar to specific other social media platforms, Pinterest has created these pins to pull structured data from your website and display it in your pin. Anything from prices, product updates, contact information and interactive maps, these pins rank higher in search results, not only on Pinterest but also Google searches! I told you, Godsend. You would be a fool not to make the most of this exciting and unique platform to further your marketing strategy and increase your search engine optimisation.

Still unsure where to go from here or just too busy? Our team of experienced Social Media and SEO experts are here to help!
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