Why Aren’t I #1 on Google?

When kicking off or investing in a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, it’s easy to get so focused on that page one ranking that you don’t see much else. While ambition and drive to be at the top of page one of Google can be a great thing, it can be a poison apple. Ranking number one won’t mean much if that doesn’t lead to conversions or sales. In this way, your business objectives can suffer if you don’t look up from your Google objectives when considering your search engine optimisation strategy.

Many agencies advertise Google guarantees – saying they’ll push your brand to the sought-after number one ranking on page one of Google within a matter of days or weeks. The best kept digital marketing secret? That number one ranking can never be guaranteed. Yet most agencies won’t tell you that – and will take your hard-earned cash and hopes anyway.

Google ranking algorithms are always evolving

Google algorithms regulate which and where pages rank within search results. While major changes to algorithms are announces, these lines of code are continually monitored and tweaked by Google every day. This means even the most minor change to the algorithm can make a huge difference to your ranking.

Straight from Google, they note “The web is an organic, constantly shifting ecosystem, and your site’s performance in search can change for many reasons.

In reality, nobody really knows how pages are ranked. We know that there are a lot of variables that impact rankings, including link quality and affiliated content, but the full list of factors has not been officially listed by Google. Content creators only have the Google guidelines to work from, adapting their work as the algorithm changes, with best practice techniques in place.

So, don’t miss the forest for the trees (or the content for the ranking)

Concentrating too hard on a particular Google ranking can be distracting and negatively impact your overall business objectives. While it’s always beneficial to be searchable and findable by your target audience, this should not take priority over your audience experience or engagement.

By focusing your efforts on using Google’s webmaster guidelines and best practice to produce engaging, valuable content you will develop good rankings over time. By following this method, you’ll also be less likely to fall in rank due to tweaks in the Google algorithm or penalized for quick, dodgy SEO strategies.

Not sure where to start?

By engaging Nicoh for your search engine optimisation strategy and content creation, you’ll be guaranteed quality, methodically valuable content for your website. Our SEO professionals go our of their way to understand your business, industry, and goals to deliver the best content available. From blogs to video, our team of creative minds will help you to plan for better.

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