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Guide to IGTV (Change)

Instagram releases a new guide to creating content and uploading it to IGTV!

Matt Navarra, the Social media marketing expert, shared a 50-page guide on IGTV which covers everything from how to upload content and apps and tools to capture and edit.

The guide is split into four categories, all of which contain recommendations and tips on how to work each of them.

When capturing a great shot, you may have to go through and adjust a few settings to assist you! So, Matt himself included a few Insights and tips on how to get that perfect shot as well as the list of resolution and frame rates, focus and exposure, pro tips on editing, sound and even lenses and accessories.

There’s also a few in-app camera recommendations in the guide to help you get started, which came as a surprise for us to read as Instagram usually won’t promote other apps that they aren’t affiliated with! Because of that, there is a disclaimer in the introduction that states Instagram is not endorsed, nor do they sponsor any of the app recommendations listed in the guide.

They are simply apps they have found useful and thought we might find them useful too!

The guide assists you on how to upload IGTV Videos from both your mobile device as well as your desktop device in a well-written step by step outline.


Instagram is exactly that: Instagram. It is not intended to be a one-way piece of marketing communication, much like the advertisements your business may run.”


So, if you’re looking into IGTV and want to start filming for your own IG channel but unsure on how or where to start? Here is where Nicoh can help! We work to ensure your digital marketing is in a language you can understand. Where other agencies will play smoke and mirrors with your advertising budgets, we make sure you are with us 100% of the way, from conception to execution. From Adwords and SEO to finances and business plans, we are on your side.

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