4 Tricks to AdWords Gold

AdWords can take your digital marketing to the next level, accounting for over 60% of Google search clicks. As an advertising stream, AdWords are incredibly tempting – with transparent return on investment measurements, remarketing potential, clear conversion rates, and instant exposure to warm searchers.

However, precisely because these advertisements are so instantaneous and open ended, it’s important to get them right. While it’s easy to set up a Google account, enter some details and type out an ad, if you don’t structure them strategically you may as well pour your money down the drain.

AdWords can quadruple conversion rates and sales from your e-commerce site, or downloads on your e-books or content. Here at Nicoh, we’re passionate about creating engaging, clickable and buyable AdWords content. We’ve put together a quick list of the four things to remember when adding AdWords to your digital marketing mix.

Experiment with remarketing

Follow those leads! Remarketing is a process of placing a digital cookie on those who click through your ads, allowing you to place advertisements on pages they may visit after they leave. Remarketing allows you to stay top of mind for them, to persuade them back to purchase – or purchase again.

Many brands do this with dedicated ads offering personalised product features or discount codes. Remarketing is a great way to follow searchers through the early stages buying process, right into the last two (see the below cycle). Most businesses can benefit from remarketing within their digital marketing strategy.







Design your landing page to support conversions

You could have the best AdWords ad in the world, but if they fall onto a clunky, unfriendly landing page – they’ll never convert into an actual purchase.

Web design is a vital piece of AdWords success. Using colour, device responsiveness, flow and emotional elements will optimise your user experience – leading to higher conversions.

You can read more about the impact of web design on conversions here.

Integrate negative keywords in your keyword research

Of course, AdWords can be costly. While your positive keywords ensure you’ll show up in front of warm searchers, negative keywords will ensure you’re not spending money converting the wrong audience. Put simply, negative keywords will exclude certain searches and refine your audience.

digital marketing pumpkin seo adwords negative keywords conversionsFor example, say you run a tech business called Pumpkin, and you sell… headphones. You’re setting up an ad for your newest pair of headphones, called Pumpkin Seeds (stick with me).

You’ll want to exclude words related to recipes, food, pies, or pepitas – as searchers may be familiar with your Pumpkin brand, but unfamiliar with your new Seed headphones. This way you won’t be spending money on those searching for a perfect pumpkin pie recipe, or the nutritional value of pumpkin seeds.

Don’t just rely on AdWords

Here’s the biggest mistake business owners can make when setting their digital marketing strategy – forgetting their organic rankings. While AdWords will put you immediately on top of page one of Google for a price, organic rankings can get you there for free. However, the process of search engine optimisation, or SEO, takes time.

A solid SEO strategy includes the consistent addition of quality content and pages to your website over time. Integrating varied and related keywords into a consistent blog, video content and all webpages will ensure you rank well within organic Google searches.

Remember – organic rankings still account for over 35% of search clicks. Don’t get caught up in advertising so much that you forget to nurture your brand.

Does this all read like gibberish?

At Nicoh, we work to ensure your digital marketing is in a language you can understand. Where other agencies will play smoke and mirrors with your advertising budgets, we make sure you are with us 100% of the way, from conception to execution. From Adwords and SEO to finances and business plans, we are on your side.

Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing strategy. You can even book in for a FREE strategy consultation and website audit!

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