Boost Your Business Marketing Creativity (& Stop the Block)

Whether you’re starting to experiment with producing marketing content or formulating your new business ideas, it can be easy to fall into a creative block. While there are millions of articles available on how to cheat writers block, there is less focus on this more abstract concept of a creativity block. The idea of creativity tends to be lumped in with confusingly titled Arts degrees, but starting a business is an inherently creative process.

Conceptualising a way to fill a hole in an existing market, or satisfy a new one, is abstract. So, at its core, you are at risk of a creative block somewhere along the line.

Let the team at Nicoh walk you through how our creatives stop the block before it takes over – from formulating a business plan, to implementing a marketing strategy.

Do: Stay Accountable

While the creative process is far from linear, business marketing is not. Whether you’re fresh out of university or formulating your business ideas on the side, you need to treat your business concept as work. It can be fun work, but it’s still work – so keep yourself accountable for the hours you’re putting in and your productivity.

This can be done with simple things like:

  • Setting a timer

Schedule particular times when you are least mentality fatigued and engaged to work on your ideas. You can use methods like the Pomodoro technique – where you set a timer for 25 minutes of pure work. That’s it.

  • Keep a deadline

This is where a lot of business ideas go to die. By not setting deadlines for each task, you leave yourself open to never pursuing any of them. Dedicate yourself to your passion, and make sure you have a realistic schedule set to write, and then implement, your ideas.

  • Research (but don’t stalk)

In creating your ideal business structure and marketing plan, no doubt you’ve come across your competitors. Those already out in the market, doing their thing. It’s a great idea to take inspiration from what they’re doing, or not doing, but don’t get caught up on it. Focusing too much on competitor success will detract from your motivation to do your business better.

Don’t: Overthink and Underdeliver

It’s easy to be tripped out by a big, blank document with that flashing cursor line. The best way to beat it? Don’t think, just do. Write a quick outline of your ideas – no editing, no backspace. Write out those great ideas, quotes, or moments that inspired you to even think about your new business idea.

While it may seem amateur, even getting off the laptop and physically drawing out a mind map of your ideas and their relation to each other can help. This simple, primary-schooled method truly can spark and combine ideas better than any digital alternative. From designing your business structure, to intricate marketing plans and marketing positioning, writing out your ideas on paper ties your ideas with reality. It readies them for action.

Do: Widen Your Perspective

Sometimes the best cure to a creative block is conversation. While you may want to hold your ultimate business concept close to the chest, it’s a great idea to have discussions around your ideas with your friends, family and perhaps colleagues. With some thought, you can glean some great inspiration by hanging your half-made ideas in front of people and gain insight from their responses.

So, if you’re in a creative rut, get out there. You can combine this process with your market research too – by visiting related discussion forums, web blogs or competitor comment sections. Here, you’ll see the existing pool of sentiment surrounding the business industry you’re hoping to crack into while gaining valuable perspective from the inside.

Don’t: Try to Perfect Absolutely Everything

This pertains, mainly, to your marketing plan. When you’re starting a business, it’s important to have a plan of attack when it comes to entering the market – but don’t forget to be flexible too. Marketing is fluid, don’t forget to experiment and listen to feedback when you get it. Even the big business can miss the mark – just remember that Kendall Jenner/Pepsi commercial from 2017. You can read more about how to plan the perfect fixed flexible marketing plan here.

This mentality applies to your overall business structure too. It’s important to adapt your business to new marketing opportunities, people, market influences and ideas. Remember to look back on your business plan and its effectiveness every year or more to ensure you’re still on track.

Do: Speak with the business marketing experts

If you’re well and truly stuck in the process of launching your business, the team here at Nicoh can help. Our creative solutions agency was born out of the new business frustration. We are the agency that gives you agency to indulge your creative ideas, from business to marketing. All the while, we have an in-house team of accountants to ensure the numbers line up too.

We strive to be the business marketing agency our founders had when they first started.

So, if you have a lot of creative marketing ideas for your future but nowhere to put them, contact us today! We offer a FREE 30-minute strategy consultation to discuss how we can turn your ideas into your future.

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