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Contrary to popular belief, traditional marketing is not dead. While more traditional forms of advertising like print or TV have shifted to make room for the enormity of digital media, we repeat, it’s not dead. In fact, thoughtful and creative use of a combination of the two can create results more effectively than digital alone.

Nicoh’s specialists have the creative skills to incorporate your business across marketing platforms to maximise your exposure. Our skills in digital and traditional media combined with our knowledge of marketing techniques ensures a seamless brand identity across platforms.




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Interactive content is the way of the present and the future. Current audiences are more likely to watch a video than read lengthy paragraphs, especially in the realm of social media. The team at Nicoh are experts in visual mediums, with years of experience developing video content for television, pre-rolls, websites, social media and more, from animated skits to drone-footage flights.

Graphic Design

Our team of digital designers, brand and creative professionals can help you to make your imagined brand a reality. We work hard to collaborate with you to produce logo designs, style guidelines, branded products and digital elements to accurately reflect your business objectives. We engage with your business to understand how to present your brand in market and develop a lasting identity.


The visual representation of your brand matters. Having a distinctive style, either for your overall brand or individual campaigns, aids in developing your relationships with audiences all over the world. Through careful consideration of the visual medium, the team at Nicoh can help you to set gorgeous campaign shoots, website imagery, and product line representation.

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