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In today’s world, digital marketing is more cost-effective, convenient and user-friendly when designed and planned correctly by specialists.

It’s an easy way to target the right audience by tailoring your product, service, and message at the right time – before and after purchase.

Here at Nicoh, we can help build your digital marketing strategy by conducting a digital audit.

This assesses your businesses current Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and website, allowing us to formulate a custom strategy to enhance your impact.


Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Marketing


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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a long-term strategy to elevate and keep your brand on top of the competition. Using a range of innovative strategies and inventive methods, the team at Nicoh ready your business to be found when it should be, by those who need to find it. Incorporating your overall business objectives, marketing and content strategies, our teams use their expertise to create unique solutions for your business.

Search Engine Marketing

Our team begin all SEM campaigns begin with thorough research and understanding of your business’ goals. We then devise a strategy to deliver instant exposure, return on your ad spend, and tangibly contribute to your overall marketing plan. Packed with creative copy, actionable cues and consistent voice, we work with you to effectively reach the audiences you need.

Content Marketing

From blogs to tweets to videos, our content team works with your full digital marketing plan in mind. Our content marketing specialists are experienced in creating and planning quality content for a range of businesses and markets. We work with search engines in mind, carefully crafting content to suit your audiences and their searching behaviours to maximise your reach.

Link Building

The team at Nicoh are experts in SEO and link building, which dramatically boosts genuine visitors to your site. The combination of sharp SEO and SEM strategies with quality curated content has a positive impact on your rankings, web traffic numbers and quality. Links generated over time indicates to search engines that you are a genuine business with quality offering for users.

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