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Our expertise and creativity in branding and business will give your business the edge. From modern, intuitive websites to original, sharp content, the team at Nicoh can help you to make your business objectives a reality.

We have a team of content copywriters, marketing specialists, digital designers, business developers and financial advisers working together to create great things. We work collaboratively with you to generate fresh ideas to better your competitors and industry norms.

Our passion for business drives us to set goals and smash right through them. Using our diverse team of specialists, we are dedicated to creating glowing websites, inspiring content, and innovative optimisation. We reach, engage, interact and maintain relationships with audiences you need.

Contact us today to stimulate immediate growth for your business with our all-in-one solution – whether you’re just starting out or in desperate need of a refresh.


Relevant, engaging content on your website and social media platforms is vital to creating an enduring brand. From daily tweets to campaign-specific videos, the team at Nicoh are experts in crafting content to fascinate your target audience. We immerse ourselves in your industry to understand what your competitors are doing, identify emerging trends, and develop an effective content strategy.

Photography and Videography

Creating stunning visuals and experiences is what we do. The creative team of designers at Nicoh combine a deep understanding of your business and present it to truly expresses your brand. Whether it’s website imagery, promotional videos, television commercials or cinemagraphs, our team can help you capture the feeling you want for your target audience.

Digital Marketing

Evolve alongside your audiences with targeted, specific digital marketing techniques. The digital team at Nicoh are specialists in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing strategies that will get your brand found. Incorporating your overall marketing strategy and business objectives, our team works to tailor your digital marketing plan for tangible results every time.

Print and Electronic Marketing

We believe a clever mix of traditional and digital marketing techniques can generate exceptional results. Weaving new technologies with long-established ways of engaging audiences, our team of unconventional thinkers can elevate your business to stunning levels. Our teams work with short and long-term objectives in mind, reacting to emerging trends and milking new opportunities.

Social Media Management

Authentic interactions with your brand allows audiences to engage with your brand more than ever before. Social media helps to build your business reputation, promote your offerings and maintain your customers purchasing habits over time. Our social media specialists at Nicoh can conceptualise, create and connect your content across all your social media platforms.

Website and Mobile App Management

A well-designed website or app makes the perfect sales funnel for your business, creating a user experience that optimises your brands personality and highlights your offerings. A purpose-built site or app can increase engagement and sales. Nicoh’s specialist team of experienced web developers can help you craft a fast, responsive and unique website or app for your specific industry.

Brand Management

Whether you’re just starting your business or in need of a revival, the team at Nicoh can help you achieve your goals. From financial advice to logo design to social media management and beyond, our broad range of skills can get your business where it needs to be.

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