3 SEO Strategies Business Owners Should Know

A strategic SEO strategy is never set out in black and white. SEO has come a long way from merely focussing on keywords and can be quite complicated to those unfamiliar with all the in’s and out’s of it all. As digital marketing evolves, so does the world of SEO and it is imperative to business’s success that they adapt and educate themselves just as quickly as the changes are happening to the market.

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there on how to best utilise search engine optimisation. You could literally get lost in the depths of algorithms, user experiences and “the best” SEO tools for your business. In saying that, every business is unique and will have their own strengths to focus on to attempt to get the best rankings. This article will narrow it all down to Nicoh’s top 3 SEO strategies all business owners should know.

Quality content

What is content? The Content Marketing Institute defines it as “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, the drive profitable customer action.”

SEO and content marketing, although technically categorised as two different things, go very much hand in hand. SEO does not exist without content. Let’s take Google as an example; Googlebot’s responsibilities include inspecting and examining your website to decide how relevant your website and content is, to rank you on user’s search results. However, we cannot forget that at the end of the day, it’s people reading your content and people that you are hoping to sell your product or service to. Your strategy should follow these simple guidelines:

Understand your audience
Targeting your content to your audience is just as important as the content itself.

Create unique, interesting, original content.
Interesting, original content will be rewarded by google and duplicated content will be penalised.

Create measurable content goals
What are you trying to achieve with your content? Social media engagement? Shares? More views? Higher conversion rate? More Traffic?

Once you have worked out and understood these three points, it will provide solid groundwork to create effective content for your SEO strategy.

Meta tags

What is Meta Tags? Meta tags are the words or tags that summarize your page’s content to search engines and users. They are hidden from the page itself and are invisible to users. Meta tags are used so search engines can ensure the information and content they are displaying is relevant to the keywords and description on a webpage. They help to better match a user’s search request to the best possible result, it also helps to reach users organically rather than a paid search. In Google’s eyes, meta tags were being used and abused to gain ranking on SERP’s. Although not directly related to bettering ranking results, they are still essential for the Googlebot’s to scan for relativity of content from your site.

The most important factors of meta tags include the Title and Meta Description.
The title is the tag title or heading of your page that describes what your page contains. The meta description is descriptive sentence/s that summarises the content on your page.

Link building

What is Link Building? Moz defines it as: “The process of acquiring hyperlinks from other wesbites to your own.”
Links can be seen as the referrals of the internet world. The greater amount of links you get from other websites to your own, the better chance you have of gaining more traffic to your own website through exposure, and potentially ranking factors on SERP’s. The more quality back links you have, the higher you rank. Link building can be seen as ‘reputation building’ for your website. Google looks at the amount of links you have from other websites and determines ‘the reputation’ of your website from a ‘referral’ of a backlink from another site. The more sites willing to ‘back up’ your reputation, the higher your chance of google favouring your site over other with lesser of no backlinks. However, quantity AND quality are both important factors in this scenario. Google has determined link building as one of the three top ranking factors when it comes to Google search algorithm.

Although this is a fairly brief overview of SEO, what can be taken away from this article if that SEO does not need to be overcomplicated. Its no secret that used wisely, SEO guarantees a return on investment in comparison to more traditional forms of exposure or advertising. Developing an SEO strategy before making any investment into the project is essential for success. These three SEO strategies will help you on your way to making the most out of your investment.

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